Bob Scott for
Kootenai County Assessor

Truly Experienced Candidate
Over 9 years as a Kootenai County Deputy Assessor

To providing fair property assessments to you, the Taxpayer.
Determined to improve DMV services

27 Year Resident of Kootenai County
Committed to conservative values and Idaho’s future.

Vote for – Bob Scott – May 17, 2022


Why I’m Running for Assessor

Where to Vote / Absentee Ballot

VOTE for Bob Scott in the Primary on May 17, 2022

It is important for you to vote for the Assessor in the primary election this coming May 17, 2022, either in person or through an absentee ballot. It is highly likely that the winner of the Republican primary election will become the Assessor in November.  Vote for Bob Scott in the primary election. Thank you.

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Thank you for considering electing me as your Kootenai County Assessor

Bob Scott

My Goals are to Bring Change to the Assessor’s Office that Benefits County Taxpayers

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
    Wait times must be shortened. You shouldn’t have to wait several days for an appointment.
  • Budget
    I will proactively manage the Assessor’s Office budget making it much more efficient and effective by reducing spending where possible.
  • Employee Retention
    Retaining talented people that work in our offices must be a priority since training new people is costly and inefficient.
  • Systems and Processes
    Improvements to processes and documentation of procedures for the Assessors Office and DMV are long overdue. I will get them done.
  • Be Active with the State Legislature
    I will cooperate with County Assessors from around the State to encourage policies that directly benefit you as a county taxpayer.

Meet Bob

I launched this campaign to give Kootenai County taxpayers a choice. Upon the tragic passing of our former Assessor, Rich Houser, in 2020 the County Commissioners appointed the current Assessor. To be effective in this role the County Assessor must have a working knowledge of the appraisal practice, be familiar with statutes and regulations, and possess strong leadership skills. The current politically appointed assessor is unfortunately inexperienced in property assessment and has lost the confidence and support of his staff.

Electing me as Kootenai County Assessor will put an experienced residential appraiser with over 9 years at the County Assessor’s office in a position to make sure this important office works for you.  I have lived in the Inland Northwest for over 32 years with 27 of those years in Kootenai County. I have raised two beautiful children here and know what it means to truly love North Idaho.

I will ensure that your North Idaho values are reflected in the daily work of the Assessors office and just as importantly, let’s get the Department of Motor Vehicles running better so it doesn’t take weeks to get your vehicle registered.

Donate To Our Campaign

If my goals for the Kootenai County Assessor’s Office resonate with you, please consider a donation to our efforts. These campaigns, no matter how small, cost money, and your donation of any amount will make a difference. Most importantly, please be sure to VOTE on May 17th.

In the News

What People Say About Me

March 5, 2022
Re: Recommendation of Bob Scott for Kootenai County Assessor
Dear Kootenai County Voters,

I am writing this letter to recommend Bob Scott for the office of Kootenai County Assessor. Bob is a senior certified ad valorem appraiser with 9 years of appraisal experience in Kootenai County. I believe Bob is the most qualified candidate for this important position.

Bob Scott has been with our Assessor’s Office since February 2013. During Bob’s tenure as an appraiser, he has gained a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations which the Assessor must follow. He also has a clear understanding of the critical importance of good customer service and communication.

In talking with Bob, he sees the need to improve response times and service in our Vehicle License Division. This is a critical department, which needs a greater priority to deliver the service we deserve in a timely manner. Bob will make this a top priority.

Bob also has the disposition to be a good listener and will make communication with our citizens, assessor’s staff, and fellow officials part of his role as our next Assessor. His door will always be open. The Assessor’s position requires experience and understanding which is best gained through years of interaction with the people he serves.

Bob Scott will also bring years of business experience to the office and the ability to apply common sense solutions to the many challenges which face the Assessor’s team.
I urge you to get out and vote for Bob Scott for Kootenai County Assessor.

Best Regards,
Mike McDowell
Retired Kootenai County Assessor
2003 – 2019

Joseph Johns Recommendation letter to elect Bob Scott for Kootenai County Assessor

I have known Bob Scott for about 10 years and have always found him to be a professional and knowledgeable contact in the Kootenai County Assessor’s office.

He has always given fair evaluations and a clear explanation for any property value in question.

As a North Idaho native, I feel that Kootenai County needs Bob’s proven expertise and insight as Kootenai County Assessor as we face the significant challenges of growth and rising property values in North Idaho.


Nick Thorpe
Westwind Property Group

Coeur d Alene Association of Realtors Endorsement of Bob Scott for Assessor